Northern Lights Cruise From Reykjavík

Northern Lights Cruise From Reykjavík
Northern Lights Cruise From Reykjavík
Duration: 2.5 hours Season: September to end of April

Have you ever thought about searching the Northern lights on a winter cruise? This tour should not be missed if you are seeking a unique way to enjoy Iceland’s most renowned natural phenomenon. Auroras are best displayed under dark, clear skies from September until the end of April in Reykjavík.

Our expert aurora guides help you enjoy the lights and cruise to the fullest by giving you information about the auroras as well as answering any questions you may have. They even take pictures on the tour which you can request by email when you get back home! You can borrow one of our overalls to keep you warm


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The Northern Lights cruise is focused mainly on the southern part of Faxaflói, just off Reykjavík. The boat tour provides a great opportunity to view the Auroras without having to go far away from the city.

As the northern lights are a natural phenomenon we cannot guarantee that we will see them, but we are professional aurora hunters with years of experience searching for the lights around Reykjavík. For a good aurora pursuit, we need three things; solar activity, clear skies, and darkness. A lot of other tour operators will cancel their tours if the forecast is not in their favor - well, we don’t! We know that you don’t have many days to search for the lights and that the weather can change in mere minutes, anywhere from a full cloud forecast to clear skies. We want to maximize your chance the best we can and so WE WILL ALWAYS GIVE IT A GO! Our searching area is close to shores and around small islands, far enough away from city lights and therefore it is optimal for a smooth and comfortable sailing. 

If the lights fail to make an appearance we do not refund the tour price but instead offer you to try again another day. You are free to go as many times as needed (within two years) to catch the show - at no extra cost!

Services included

  • Use of warm overalls 
  • Free WiFi onboard
  • Access to Visitor Centre
  • Excellent guidance
  • If the Northern light are not seen you can try again another day for free

Services not included

  •  Bring a hat and gloves

Ready to live your dream?

The encounter of a lifetime awaits. For nature-lovers who don’t follow the beaten path, this is the ideal way to explore the marvels of Iceland. We can’t wait to help you discover all that Iceland has to offer. Start planning your adventure today.

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“Iceland is unlike any other place in the world. It’s a land with a diverse and thrilling landscape that truly reveals the force and beauty of nature.”
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