Iceland Glaciers

Iceland is home to 13 glaciers covering 11% of the island.
The largest by far is Vatnajökull, covering 8% of Iceland. It’s so big that you could easily fit all of Iceland’s other glaciers within its boundaries. It is the largest glacier in Europe.
The glaciers are also home to many of Iceland’s most notorious volcanoes that regularly bring on a titanic struggle between fire and ice when the red-hot glowing magma is breaking its way to the surface. 

Ok, but what can you do on a glacier?
Fist of all, they're awesome to look at from a distance.
Secondly, this is a world that you can easily visit and experience with our professional guides while you are in Iceland. Snowmobiling, ice climbing, and super-jeeping are all year-round possibilities and not to be missed if you like your adrenaline pumping. You can even try summertime skiing or dog sledding if you like.

Iceland Glaciers Iceland Glaciers